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Low Power CMOS VLSI: Circuit Design pdf

Low Power CMOS VLSI: Circuit Design. Kaushik Roy, Sharat Prasad

Low Power CMOS VLSI: Circuit Design

ISBN: 047111488X,9780471114888 | 374 pages | 10 Mb

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Low Power CMOS VLSI: Circuit Design Kaushik Roy, Sharat Prasad
Publisher: Wiley

Over the past few decades, low power design solution has steadily geared up the list of researcher's design concerns for low power and low noise digital circuits to introduce new methods to the design of low power VLSI circuits. Energy Efficient Bootstrapped CMOS Large RC-Load Driver Circuit for Ultra Low-Voltage VLSI. In 1983 bipolar Today BiCMOS has become one of the dominant technologies used for high speed, low power and highly functional VLSI circuits especially when the BiCMOS process has been enhanced and integrated in to the CMOS process without any additional steps. Chien-Yu Lu* and Ching-Te Chuang* Although designed and optimized for subthreshold ultra low-voltage operation, the proposed bootstrapped driver is shown to be advantageous at higher nearly-threshold supply voltage as well. Necessity for deep submicron and low power VLSI design 2. Design of CMOS digital circuits – Sequential 3. Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. In [17], a 1.5 ns 32-b CMOS ALU in double pass-transistor logic was proposed to improve the circuit performance at reduced supply voltage ranges. Moore's law describes the requirement of energy efficiency in VLSI circuits. CMOS was finding more wide spread use due to its low power dissipation, high packing density and simple design, such that by 1990 CMOS covered more than 90% of total MOS scale.

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